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E-requests for EVERYONE (eVloge za VSE)


E-requests for EVERYONE is a user-friendly service allowing customers to prepare and submit requests online, even without a digital certificate.


All you need to use this service is a mobile number and email address, required for identity verification in the request submission process. Once your identity has been confirmed, your mobile number and email address will also be used, with your consent, to send you instructions for downloading documents made available to you by ZPIZ.


In case of difficulties regarding the submission of your e-request, please contact us at


If, when submitting your e-request, you will consent to the processing of your data in order to provide for secure downloading of ZPIZ documents (e.g. decisions), you will also be able to download these documents. You will receive an email and an SMS message when they will be available for downloading.


To access and download documents, please use the “Verification of the authenticity of documents” application.


The E-requests for EVERYONE service is intended for the submission of documents by natural persons only.  Employers, companies and other organisations (legal persons) may, when authorized to do so, submit requests or claims via BiZPIZ service. For this, they need to register, and for most of the services provided, additional agreements, specifying the use of individual BiZPIZ services, are required.



To access the e-requests submission application, please click on the image below.

Kliknite za dostop do programa za oddajo eVlog


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