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Remittance of pensions and other entitlements

The Republic of Slovenia guarantees the payment of pensions and other benefits from compulsory insurance to beneficiaries under the Pension and Disability Insurance Act.


Under this act the power to make pension payments has been vested in ZPIZ, which:


  • carries out individual acts concerning the recognition or suspension of benefits and any subsequent changes in the preparation of information both for the purpose of carrying out periodic monthly payments in the future and making corresponding retroactive cash payments due or  overpayments;
  • keeps data record and ensures that the advance payment of personal income tax on pension and other benefits is calculated correctly;
  • ensures that cash benefits are remitted correctly, on time and securely via payment systems;
  • verifies eligibility for the continued payment of pension and disability benefits by means of school certificates, certificates proving that a person is alive, death notices and other supporting documents;
  • ensures registration with and deregistration from compulsory health insurance scheme for pension and disability beneficiaries, and pays compulsory health insurance contributions in accordance with the regulations;
  • enforces tax and judicial decisions, and administrative ban on payment;
  • provides general and specific information to pensioners in relation to the remittance of pensions and other benefits and pension deductions;
  • provides expert information to assist recipients of pensions and other benefits, and to external providers in relation to the payment of these benefits.


Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia, Kolodvorska 15, Ljubljana
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