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Electronic services

ZPIZ electronic services are intended for efficient and secure electronic business. EZPIZ services are intended for insured persons and pensioners, and BiZPIZ services for organizations. The use of electronic services is simple and secure.    

Why do business electronically?

Electronic services are secure, simple, fast and without queues. You can perform services outside office hours, in the comfort of your own home. Join the many users of electronic services and make it easier to do business with the institution.

You can read the conditions for the use of ZPIZ electronic services at this link. You will confirm your agreement with the terms of use when registering to use the services.



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 Continue to the My eZPIZ portal for insured persons   and pensioners




 Continue to the My BiZPIZ portal for Organizations



Other electronic services 

We would like to inform you that we have published a new eApplication service, which allows you to easily prepare and submit electronic applications even if you do not have a digital certificate.

Employers, companies and other organizations (legal entities) may, upon the authorization of another person, submit applications or requests only through the BiZPIZ service (BiZPIZ). The use of BiZPIZ services requires registration, and for most services also additional agreements that define the use of individual BiZPIZ services in more detail.

When doing business with the institute, clients receive digitally sent documents (SMS dispatch) or physical transcripts (printed copies) of originally electronic documents. Digital document retrieval / verification of the identity of received documents and physical transcripts allows you to verify the identity of the physical transcript at any time on the basis of identification markings sent via SMS or via markings printed on the document and, if desired, download the electronic original kept by the institute. The service is also accessible directly via the QR code on the document, using the appropriate applications for reading QR codes on mobile devices.

In some proceedings, clients receive documents with the possibility of e-reporting data, filling in and submitting data electronically on the basis of the received document (example: Statement on the amount of foreign pension for the assessment of the annual supplement). More information about the e-data reporting service based on the received document.


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